We’re delighted to be working with MyShed, a new app that’s changing the way we fund gardening and DIY projects. If you’ve ever priced up a new DIY and landscaping project and winced at the cost of both the materials and the tools – you’ll know that for both gardeners and DIY fans, it’s a costly business. But that’s changing – thanks to this pioneering new app that aims to give UK home and garden enthusiasts a way to complete their projects for a lot less.

MyShed connects people who have tools with those looking for cheap rental. So not only can tool owners earn cash to spend on their projects – short-term tool users can rent them at a fraction of the cost of buying or hiring from the high street, so their project is cheaper too.

Leaf blower lying in the garage? Make some cash out of it. Power drill you got for Christmas and only used once? Use it to fund your next project. Wondering how to afford a rotivator you’ll only need for half an hour? Get your MyShed app out and borrow it from a neighbour for a small fee. It’s home and garden improvement for the tech age: cheaper… and easier.

But MyShed is about more than just saving money. It helps those who want to share the things they own – rather than buying more things, which are just going to lie unused. The sharing economy reduces our environmental impact and goods production. And it helps you build connections with those in your local neighbourhood too. Good news for everyone.


Have a read of this coverage of myShed in Your Home magazine recently – and don’t forget to download the app too: it’s free to download on iOS – just put ‘MyShed’ into the AppStore.