The Gang

When it comes to gangs, we definitely see ourselves more like The Goonies and less your local Hells Angels chapter. Clever, gloriously geeky, endlessly inventive, fun to hang out with and with one eye always on the prize.

We’re a tight knit group of experienced marketing and communication veterans, dazzling social media newbies, and clever creatives.

We’ve run our own businesses, won big awards for big agencies, managed campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, written for national broadsheets. But nothing gets us more excited than the world of the marketplace economy and its ecosystem.

We gravitated towards this before others in media and comms even knew what it was. And now, as experts, we’re dying to share with you all the ways we can help you change the world you’re in.

Elle Tucker

Elle Tucker

Mike Monteith

Melanie Morris

Mark Proctor

Kat Healy

Kat Healy

Andy Tucker

Neil Ireland

Katy Hughes

Jane Darkes

Socially responsible gang members